Friday, October 11, 2013

General Conference Weekend WAS AMAZING!!! WEEK 4 Provo Utah

President Lindahl, MTC Branch President and family friend!
This week was a good one as usual. A couple exciting things happened this week though. Last weekend was General Conference which was awesome! We went to main campus all day Saturday and all day Sunday to watch it. So many good talks! We are so lucky to be able to hear from, in my opinion, the wisest men in the World,and the Prophet! I want to invite you to watch it with a non-member friend especially these talks: Saturday Morning Pres.Uchtdorf, Saturday Afternoon Elder Holland, and Sunday Morning Pres. Eyring. I thought these talks were really powerful! Yesterday we got another District in our Zone! 4 Elders and 4 Hermanas. All of them except for 2 Hermanas are going to Argentina Posadas mission. :( They all seem really cool! I think all of them are from Utah (of course) except one of the girls is from England! She is originally from Zimbabwe Africa and her last name is Dube! Remember Dube??, the Elder who spoke in conference? Except they aren't related but its weird they are originally from the same place. She gets asked that all the time. Cant think of anything else out of the ordinary or exciting this week except conference. Pretty routine schedule here: P Ohhhhhhh this morning on the bus ride home from the Temple, Katy Perry- firework was playing and I was jamming out. I miss music so much hahaha. :( MTC time is FLYING. Like I’m not kidding it goes by faster than everyone says it does. I AM GOING TO BE IN ARGENTINA IN A WEEK AND A HALF!@!@! I leave Oct 22! Pretty exciting stuff. Spanish is still coming along great and we were able to commit 2/3 investigators to baptisms this week. The lessons are coming along great and it feels great to be able to communicate. Blessed to be here. Sorry if I'm boring this week, my letter should be better once I get to Argentina and its different every day. Love you guys!!! Love, Elder Tarwater

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