Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Departure Day!

Sept 11, 2013

We are on our way to the airport this morning. Elder Tarwater is in the front seat and the whole family is quiet. This day is a somber day anyway. Not only are we  remembering 9/11  in NYC, and those who have lost their lives, , but also because Tres is embarking on a two year mission for The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He will  be missed in our home for the next 2 years, but we are also excited for the spiritual, emotional and physical growth and experiences he will have at this time in his life.
About 15 handsome clean cut  Elders and a few Sisters were at the security check point, each saying their good-byes to their families. Our immediate family here to say  good bye to Tres, soon after a few close friends.
We are so excited for this time in your life Tres....You are ready!

Last night, Tres received an amazing blessing from President Mitch Jones at our home during his setting apart as a full time missionary. The front room was filled with family and friends, and the spirit that was felt was so strong. We all went around the room and gave Elder Tarwater advice, a little wisdom from those who had served  missions...and his mothers 2 cents of course?? Daily prayers coming your way, write to your mother weekly...stay safe and hide your watch!!!

So long my Son!!  We love you so much!! Can't wait to hear all of your Adventures!!

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